Elopement Presets Approach to Color

Our Approach to Color

By Elopement Presets

Elopement Presets Approach to Color

There are already so many preset companies, how are you different?

We get it. We know there are a lot of brands and creators approaching the world of presets right now. But we are approaching color very differently.

To start, we want to think thoroughly about the science, not just behind color rendering, but how that practically impacts how we shoot and the photos we take.

How Does Light Interact With Us

Color is the aspect of things that is caused by differing qualities of light being reflected or emitted by them. To see color, you have to have light. When light shines on an object some colors bounce off the object and others are absorbed by it. Our eyes only see the colors that are bounced off or reflected.

But there is more to it than that.

Here on the earth, a spherical object with environmental elements, like humidity, atmosphere, and rotation of the earth, there is more at play, especially based on where you live.

To reach the earth, light has to pass through the atmosphere—with some of it getting absorbed, and some of it being reflected. Based on summer or winter, the light enters the atmosphere at different angles. Beyond that, there are other contributors and particles in the atmosphere and air that impact quality of light. Things like water droplets, particularly humidity, impact the light density and how much light—and the quality of that light—when it reaches us.

Because of this, in it's most simple form: location matters.

How does that impact color?

Having shot across the world and constantly interacting with different light—as well as different shades and textures of various flora—we knew that to make presets that were effective for photographers, we needed to develop presets built around light patterns—most often by region. At the end of the day, light is always rendered digitally in our camera, which means that any preset could look great on any photo (in theory). Despite that we wanted to create presets that could help photographers edit photos based on the region and light the photographs were taken in.

Our Experience

Working as photographers, we spent years trying to color match photographs taken in Italy during the middle of summer with photographs from Southern California. While we could always achieve consistency, the presets we used were never the same—or even had the same base structure. We wanted to undo the notion that there is any kind of system that allows for "one click" and then being done. Instead, we figured that we could do some of the homework in advance and build presets for you that fit your lifestyle and shooting style.

Our goal with Elopement Presets is to make your life easier, while giving you tools that are fundamentally better than most of what you can find online. Resources should be approachable. So that's what we're doing. Building things that we think can go the distance.



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